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Conques - Aveyron

In the heart of a preserved village with a thousand-year-old history and anchored in lush greenery,  l'Atelier is located a stone's throw from the Tourist Office.

In this place out of time, you can stroll and discover the universe and the medieval atmosphere of a protected city.

Labeled Most Beautiful Villages of France, you will only have to look up to discover the Sainte Foy Abbey, Romanesque, dominant and majestic.

You will let yourself be guided by the eardrum and a journey between hell and paradise, with its 124 colorful characters, under the benevolent gaze of very curious little "curious"...

The Workshop

It is in this peaceful place steeped in history that I realize, create, research, illuminate and calligraphy my works. Each of them is exhibited or "reproduced" in the format of postcards, bookmarks or even notebooks to make this ancestral illustrated art accessible to all.

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